Noble Park children create a garden you can eat


The centre at Story House Noble Park has been thoughtfully designed to encourage children to explore their natural world through sustainable playscapes including flourishing herb and vegetable gardens.

Since the centre opened in mid-February, the kindergarten and toddler children have been learning valuable life lessons as they tend to the fresh herbs and organic vegetables which will eventually be harvested and used in the kitchen as part of their winter menu.

Many of our services across the Story House family are educating children around all kinds of sustainability practices which provide children with the knowledge needed to create lifelong habits that ensure environmental sustainability for years to come.

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Children at Noble Park have been saving their water from their waterplay activities to use for watering their gardens, further embedding sustainable practices into their everyday play. When the time comes, educators will also look to introduce concepts like composting waste to further the children’s knowledge and benefit the gardens while implementing an environmentally sustainable practice within the centre more broadly.

The children have been eagerly watching, smelling and touching the growing plants and vegetables which has sparked their curiosity further about how things grow and change.  Building on the children’s learning, educators will soon introduce the lifecycle of plants to the program so that children can observe and track the growth of their own plants from a seed.

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