Celebrating Easter at Story House Miranda

Easter time Miranda

This week, children at Story House Early Learning Miranda, are excited for the imminent arrival of Easter and weren’t we relieved to hear that border restrictions have been relaxed to allow the Easter Bunny into all states and territories to deliver all the eggs – phew!

With everyone tucked safely in their homes, Easter will be celebrated with immediate family only this year, different to how many families would traditionally celebrate rituals and festivities of this kind.  For this reason, the Miranda centre wanted to keep things as normal as possible for the children attending and they have been busily engaged in egg and spoon races, Easter sensory boxes, making and creating Easter hats for the parade, painting Easter themed plaster’s, decorating foam eggs and playing Easter themed matching games.

The incorporation of celebrations like Easter, into children’s programs, can be an enriching experience for children, educators and families. If incorporated in a sensitive and respectful manner, celebrations can provide an opportunity for children to learn about cultural awareness, demonstrate respect for diverse values and exposes them to various cultural practices.

Celebrations can be as diverse as each of the children in a childcare service. When incorporated appropriately, celebrations can be used to bring people together, to create a feeling of belonging and to develop a sense of community amongst families, educators and children – something we all need right now.

To that point, the children at the Miranda service didn’t want to leave out their friends, who are self-isolating at home, and so, have invited them to be part of their celebrations, by asking them to share videos of them dancing in their Easter hats.

Families can get involved too by following Miranda’s newly created Facebook page and guessing the number of eggs in the jar!  Story House Miranda Facebook


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