“Tea Time with Thalia”

Story House is proud to share how one of our Service Managers is caring for the people in her team while demonstrating our core values of Respect and Connectedness. This story is a great reminder to ensure that we are checking in on each other and that it’s possible to connect with others in meaningful ways. What may seem like a small gesture, can have a hugely positive impact on someone’s life.

Thalia recently relocated to Story House Doreen in Victoria and quickly realised that she had an amazing team with incredible potential.  Being a larger and much busy service than what Thalia was used to, she wanted to find ways to ensure each and every Educator felt supported in their role but also in their health and wellbeing.

As an advocate for her team, Thalia introduced ‘Tea Time’ for each Educator which is dedicated time over and above scheduled breaks or lunches where a welcoming and caring connection is initiated over a soothing cup of tea. Thalia sets the scene with a beautiful tea set and Educators are encouraged to talk about anything they wish.

Thalia says, “It is so important to care for our mental health and wellbeing, now more than ever. We want the absolute best for the children within our service, which of course requires Educators that are respected, appreciated and supported.”

Thalia recognises that we can’t pour from an empty cup so she goes the extra mile to ensure her Educators cups are full – literally!

It’s stories like this that inspire all of us at Story House and strengthen our commitment to our core values.  This is a wonderful initiative by Thalia and just one example of the many ways our Service Managers are ensuring our teams are well supported through these challenging Covid times.