Book Week & Science Week at SHEL Mascot

Over the past few weeks, The Story House Mascot children have been busy exploring Science Week and Book Week. Children have been engaged in story time, dress ups and science experiments. For Science Week, the Blue and Minke Whales have been exploring light, colour, weight, and cause and effect. Meanwhile, the Dolphins and Seals have been exploring food and cooking by observing how food changes. They’ve been using mathematical thinking as they pour, mix, count measurements and volume. 

Blue Whales Science Experiments
The theme for this year was Food – Different by Design. The Blue Whales did the famous Skittles science experiment of colours. During this science experiment, the children place the skittles around in the circle before adding water to it. Before the experiment, the Blue Whales predict what happens and discuss their own answers. During the experiment they observe the changes and cause and effect. Then they analyse if their answers were correct according to their predictions. Another science experiment involved float and sink. This experiment involved more predictions as they guess what items sink or float. Using hands on science experiments encourages the children to use language and mathematical/scientific thinking to analyse their predictions. 

The Minke Whales Science Experiments
Through hands on experiences the Minke whales explored light and shadow. This activity encouraged the children to move their dinosaurs around to create shadows and shapes. Meanwhile a volcano eruption is always a blast when you mix the magic two ingredients – bicarb soda and vinegar. Through this science experiment, the children explore cause and effect as they add wet ingredients to dry. The Minke Whales children hypothesise before adding in the ingredients so they can understand and learn different ways of explaining what might happen next.

The Seals & Dolphins Science Experiments 
The Seals and Dolphins explored cooking and poured wet and dry ingredients, using language to describe cause and effect. The Seals and Dolphins explored volume, textures and cause and effect. These are all scientific concepts where the younger age groups can observe, predict and inquire about how things work. Using cooking experiences enables the children to observe how food changes when you add wet to dry ingredients and see how the food changes when it is cooked. 

For Book Week, all the children at Story House Mascot have been enjoying story time and dress ups. Educators have been encouraging children to love stories and books which sets them up for future learning and school readiness. Sharing the joy and love of literacy also promotes language, imagination, social/emotional intelligence, and concentration skills as they learn to enhance their understandings. Identifying images in the younger ages promotes a longer attention span, listening and imagination skills. In the older age groups it also promotes self-confidence, ability to focus, understand sounds, words and stimulate curiosity. 

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