An Adventure to the Park at Aberglasslyn

As educators we constantly reflect, listen, and observe the children to understand what ideas they are trying to share with us through their play. Over the past few months, we have watched and listened to the excitement, confidence, and enthusiasm the children have all displayed through climbing and exploring the service environment. The children have continuously challenged their climbing abilities and strengthened their sense of wellbeing to approach new situations with confidence. As we have reflected together over time, we realise our beautiful babies are sharing with us their sense of curiosity about the world they live in and strong interest to continue exploring their ideas and challenge their climbing ability. So, what better way than to head out on an adventure with friends to our local park. 

In the morning I collected the pram and headed towards our room, Ryan and George were the first to notice me and their faces lit up. They knew exactly what I had and what it meant “BUS, BUS” yelled George running with excitement to the pram. Ryan waved his arms in the air and tried to climb into the pram himself. Once we all had our sunscreen on and seat belts done up, we were ready to go. “Bye school”, we said waving to the fish and Miss Carolyn as we walked out the door. 

On our way to the park, the children looked with wonder and engagement at their surroundings. Charlie was confident as I put him down and held his hand providing him with the opportunity to independently walk and challenge his skills on different surfaces.

As soon as we arrived at the park, the children all displayed their excitement with big smiles and lots of giggles. The children just couldn’t wait to explore and use the equipment.

Miss Jane encouraged Iylah and Jemima to rock their bodies back and forth with the swing motion. Jemima and Iylah displayed their positive connection to others as they repeated Miss Janes actions, smiling, and giggling at her and each other.

The children were happy and content as they initiated and contributed to play experiences emerging from their own ideas.

The park provided many opportunities for each child to explore a range of equipment, challenging their abilities and to learn how to ensure the safety of themselves and others.  It was beautiful watching Ryan take initiative and show his caring nature as he helped push Olivia in the swing. 

With all the climbing, sliding, swinging, and exploring, we needed a big drink of water. After that it was time to head back to school!

On our walk home, it was amazing to see the children broadening their understanding of the world they live in and explore the connection between people in the community. We saw a motorbike drive past waving at us as we waved back at them “Can you hear that George” said Miss Jane. “I wonder what it is George?”, I said as Miss Jane and I both heard a loud vehicle coming. We were both hoping it was a big yellow bus! Turns out it was the garbage truck, so we stopped to watch it. The children all watched intently as the truck picked up a bin and emptied it before driving off. George wiggled with excitement “Bus, bye bye”.

As we arrived back at the centre, we were all happy to be back. We said hello to the fish as we entered the foyer heading to our room. We were all ready for some lunch. 

As I reflect on our little adventure, I think ‘WOW!’, how clever children are. They have all grown so much and today makes us all realise how strong their sense of belonging is with each other, their educators, and the centre. The fact that the children were so happy and content out in the community and exploring the park indicates the trust and sense of security they have with each of us, as their educators. I feel so privileged to have been able to share this experience with the children and support their learning and development.

Where will the next adventure take us?

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