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Quality early childhood education and child care provides the foundation for learning for life.
Let your child’s learning story begin with us

Customised Daily Routines

Mernda Early Learning provides customised daily routines to suit each child

Child Oriented Curriculum

Mernda Early Learning provides child orientated curriculum is that is based on family and child input.

Family Involvement

We encourage involvement with all aspects of our service including parent helpers within the service.

Safe Environments

We have a safe and friendly atmosphere where children are welcomed as individuals and feel a sense of belonging.

Nutritional Meals

Our healthy and nutritional menu considers cultures and dietary requirements of each child.
  • A play based environment, rich in quality educational programs including opportunities for individual and group learning while being in a safe, welcoming and fun space.
  • A funded kinder program delivered by our committed early childhood teacher.
  • Community visits and excursion implemented throughout all classrooms and ages.
  • Weekly Sports program delivered by Kidzplay.
  • Meals all prepared and cooked fresh daily by our centre cook.
  • Nappies and sunscreen supplied by the service.
  • Active and positive role models for children by our dedicated and passionate educators.
  • Intentional teaching – educators using teachable moments to further children’s knowledge and recognise the individuality of each child.
  • Sustainability programs to encourage responsible future adults.
  • Individual child portfolios completed throughout the year tracking your child’s progress and development which is then provided to each family as a lifelong keepsake.

Tailored Learning and Curriculum for each age group

We believe that the value of play is of utmost importance to children as it is their way of learning about their world.  While children play they are able to experiement with new ideas, test theories and their understanding of concepts, express their creative ability, release their emotions and share their feelings.  While engaging in play children are developing across all domains and creating the building blocks for their future.

Baby nursery at ELC Mernda


We partner with you to provide a safe, quality, family-centred learning environment where every child is respected and nurtured. We continually develop our skills and explore new ways to enrich your child’s early learning experience.

Toddler at ELC Mernda child care

Tiny Tots

The Tiny Tots Room is an active place where children engage in new experiences, based on their age, stage of development and interests, as they further develop their motor, sensory and social skills.

Toddlers at Mernda child care centre


Indoor and outdoor play based experiences are an integral part of our program. Educators plan a diverse range of experiences to create opportunities for your child in both structured and spontaneous play.

Pre kinder activities at ELC Mernda

Pre Kinder

Our programs are inspired by the wisdom and teachings of early childhood theorists and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and aim to develop children’s emotional, social and cognitive intelligence.

Having fun at ELC Mernda Kindergarten


The Kindergarten curriculum continues to emphasise play based learning, however offers additional intentional learning times where the focus is on literacy and numeracy, socialisation, self-regulation and independence.


What led you to a career in the childcare industry?
I’ve always loved being with children, this started from a very young age as I would care for my own dolls and role model being a Mum all the time! I’d always try to mother my sister and brother and family friends when they’d come over too, looking after children has always been a passion, and from as early as I can remember I knew this is what I wanted to do in my future career, and here I am!

What are your favourite memories within the workspace?
Our kids Christmas party in December, seeing all the children relaxed, having fun in an environment outside of work was really memorable. This was a awesome opportunity to engage with families outside the service and build on these relationships to further support those trusting relationships which is really important to me. I strive on good communication and relationships with my families, so any opportunity to build on making these stronger puts a smile on my face!

What are you passionate about?
I am most passionate about ensuring all children within my service feels safe and secure and most of all have want and want to come to care, I love being a service manager and walking through the centre and spending time in each room alongside all ages. I am passionate about being a dedicated and supportive leader. I strive to achieve this every day, I love to be inspired and in return I love to inspire someone else!


What type of leadership style do you have?
I believe i have good strong leadership skills. This is important. Im a huge believe in role modelling best practice. Id never give a job to someone I would not do myself. I love the phrase ” EVERY BOSS STARTED AS A WORKER” I couldn’t word that better myself, Ive worked hard to be where i am today and I am very proud of it. Id like to think I am an inspiring leader and someone that all my colleagues feel comfortable coming to see and know they will be supported in whatever the circumstances are. I like to be firm but fair but also like to have fun!!

What makes your service such an amazing service?
My team – being lucky enough to open the centre myself 7 years this May, I have had the luxury of employing all my educators who form my team today individually myself. My team are a mixture of young and mid-aged and I feel this is important for families. My team are fun, loving, supportive, dedicated and most of passionate. We are a big family, and that is what makes us amazing!

What are your goals for the service over the next 12 months?
To work towards an exceeding standard. To embed sustainable practice in our routines that are natural to have awesome programs delivered to our children each and every day.


Kindergarten Approved Program Victoria

Our centre welcomes families from surrounding suburbs including Mernda, Doreen, South Morang and Epping. We offer a state-of-the-art facility boasting beautifully renovated environments, spacious play areas, and modern educational materials.

Our aim is to provide a secure and happy environment where children can develop their intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and language skills to become competent and confident individuals. And for you to feel safe knowing that your child is receiving the best possible care.

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Where to Find Us

Mernda Early Learning Childcare and Kindergarten provides quality care for children within  the Mernda and Whittlesea community.  Conveniently located on the corner of Bent Street and Everton Drive, Mernda Early Learning is opposite Mernda Primary School and easy walking distance to Saint Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. 

This beautiful six room service offers a variety of incursions and excursions throughout the year. With a wonderful sustainability program including worm farms and compost bins, the children maintain their own vegetable garden that is used in their cooking experiences with our onsite cook. 

Located in a great area with strong connections  to the community. This is an opportunity for your child to develop within spaces in which they can feel safe and continue on their learning journey.

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5 Bent St Mernda VIC 3754
   03 9715 2199  |   [email protected]
Open  Monday to Friday 6.30am to 6.30pm

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