Kids Get Cooking – Learning where our food comes from

Cooking class lessons Black Rock Child Care

We’ve started chef master classes with our fab cook, Margarita. During the week our Kinder children helped Margarita make a delicious orange cake for our afternoon tea

Learning by doing in a real-life setting, rather than imaginative play, provides a richer experience for children.

Here we discovered how our food is made. – children got to see first-hand how individual ingredients are turned into something much different when put all together.

Experiences such as this creates a better understanding of .where our food comes from. That we don’t just go to the supermarket and grab a cake off the shelf.

But it’s also an opportunity for many other learning experiences. For example, we touched on maths by demonstrating how we weigh food, measure volumes, and looked at relative proportions of each ingredient (only a little bit of sugar but lots of flour!).

Cooking also helps develop children’s fine motor skills. Everyone got a chance to hold real kitchen utensils preparing food, stirring ingredients, and pouring mixtures into backing tins. Of course there will be accidents, but that’s ok. These are the important lessons for developing minds.

And as we all worked together, we also developed our inter social skills and learn respect for each other by sharing and taking turns.

Our faboulous cooking class Black Rock Child Care
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