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Young Eaters Cook Early at Putney by Chef Aesha

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s how important family is to us. As we move towards more positive and happier times, let’s make the most of family moments and use cooking and meal preparation as a bonding experience to create special memories for our children.

Teaching Sustainability at Aberglasslyn

You may be surprised how strongly children can respond to information about environmental causes. Engaging them in discussions about matters that impact their world not only sets a foundation for critical thinking, but also empowers them to realise that together we can generate change.

Story House Celebrates!

Story House Early Learning has announced that ‘Celebration’ has officially been added as one of our values because celebrating success, having fun, being a team player and showing genuine positivity are all part of our DNA.

offspring bush kindy

Building Humpys | Bush Kindy at Offspring

With a wealth of experience in managing childcare services and developing quality educational programs, Deb prides herself on providing an exceptional customer experience to her team and to families.

Forest Hill Welcomes Pam Karsai as New Service Manager

Story House is delighted to welcome a new Service Manager to Forest Hill – Pam Karsai.

Pam has worked in Early Childhood Education and Care for over 23 years. Through her years of experience, she has established a thorough knowledge and understanding of the early childhood education and care sector which has helped her to become a well-respected leader. Her leadership qualities are based on fairness, seeking to understand, and believing that teams are equal.

Creativity Is a Journey at Story House Putney

The children at Story House Putney love to explore their creative expression through meaningful experiences that are fun, engaging, educational and nurture all aspects of their development.

World Space Week at SHEL Mascot

From the 4th to the 10th of October, Story House Mascot went on a space journey to the moon and back. The children loved celebrating all things space as they explored the stars, the moon and the galaxy.

Games Fun & Educational!

As children engage in their environment, games are particularly beneficial as they provide many opportunities for learning in all areas of development such as social, emotional and cognitive development.

Professional Development for the Pimpama Team

Story House Early Learning Pimpama’s team is committed to furthering their knowledge and upskilling to ensure the best possible outcomes for the young children we look after each and every day.

NURSERY Space Fun at Keilor Downs

During ‘Space Week’ the nursery children loved looking at space photos in their exciting space that we set up for them to explore.

Celebrating National Nutrition Week at Alexandria

We celebrated National Nutrition week from the 10th to the 16th of October. The children enjoyed extending their natural curiosity through further exploration of fruit and vegetables, including the herbs in our garden.

Improving Quality With Our Teams

The team at Koala Childcare and ELC, Warrnambool were invited to participate in the Department of Education and Training’s program,Improving Quality Through Educational Program and Practice.

Learning About Sustainability at The Cottage

Children at The Cottage at Coomera learned about sustainability and recycling by seeing how paper is made and by creating a paint pendulum out of recycled materials. Both activities were hands-on, informative, creative and had us using lots of new words. It left us wondering how other things are made and what else we could create out of recyclable materials.

Puddle Play at Story House Tarneit

Our junior children enjoyed the outdoors after some rainy weather recently, jumping and splashing in puddles, improving on their balance and gross motor skills.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle at Mascot

At Story House Mascot, we as educators reflect and observe on our daily practices and look at how much waste we use within the service. Over the past few weeks, we have brainstormed ideas with the children and educators on how we can save water, paper, plastic and food within our service.

Let Me Play a Little Longer

I believe that it is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. It’s always a joy to step back and watch children as their play evolves.

Sandpit Fun at Miranda

The sandpit is a fun place for children to explore and it provides many benefits towards their development.

Black Rock Welcomes New Service Manager

This week, Story House Black Rock welcomes new Service Manager, Cristina D’Ambrosio. Cristina joins Story House with seven years’ experience in the Early Childhood sector and holds a Diploma of Children’s Services.

Use Your Skills & Talents at Story House

Our philosophy and values are at the core of who we are at Story House Early Learning and through our values of Growth and Innovation, we love to incorporate some of the passions and talents that our amazing team bring with them to their roles.

Spring Time at Alexandria

Spring has sprung! We have been blown away by the learning opportunities that the change in seasons has brought.

Different Abilities and Celebrating Differences at Tarneit

Everyone is different and we all have our own unique abilities.

Our preschool room is learning about the Paralympics we have set up a table to promote an inclusive practice and strengthen children’s self-identity and belong to the service.

National Science Week at Miranda

Story House Miranda has recently celebrated National Science Week. This is one of the children’s favourite events as they love to get involved in scientific discussions, hypothesising and experimenting through hands on, active learning.

Meet Lee-Anne | New Service Manager at Lara

Meet our new Service Manager for Story House Lara, Lee-Anne Conder. Leanne has worked in the early learning and care sector since 1998 and started out her career as an assistant in the toddler room.

Book Week & Science Week at SHEL Mascot

Over the past few weeks, The Story House Mascot children have been busy exploring Science Week and Book Week. Children have been engaged in story time, dress ups and science experiments.

Exploring Local Nature at Aberglasslyn

Here at Story House Aberglasslyn, we are very lucky to have access to a large, open reserve which creates the ultimate background for nature play!

Continuing to Connect Through COVID

Story House Maitland values the close connections we have created with families and the community, recognising the importance of working together to care for our children.

“Tea Time with Thalia”

Story House is proud to share how one of our Service Managers is caring for the people in her team while demonstrating our core values of Respect and Connectedness.

Story House Lara post office

Lara Kinder Visit the Post Office

Our Story House Lara Kinder children have been engaging in post office dramatic play. Take a peek into our adventure to the post office.

Lara Book Fair


Our Book Fair has begun! We invite our beautiful families at SHEL Lara to come and have a look through these wonderful books on display.

NAIDOC Week at Story House Alexandria

Every room at Story House Alexandria engaged in activities and discussions throughout NAIDOC Week – a celebration of our country’s rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture, art, and history.

Childcare children watering newly planted plants

Mascot Children Discover Trees And Plants

The children in the Dolphin room have been learning all about trees and plants. This stems from an interest in exploring nature, bottle brushes and other native plants.

Fluffy Bunnies | New Additions to Story House Miranda

Children at Miranda have been assisting with the general care and maintenance of their new rabbits as they help to clean their hutch daily, feed them and learn to interact with them using gentle care and respect.

Meet Jessica! New Service Manager at Kids House Lynbrook

New Service Manager, Jessica Morley is thrilled to have made the move to Story House. She has a great deal of insight into different ways of managing and operating a service and she is looking forward to implementing some of her fresh ideas.

Teddy Bears Picnic in Toowoomba

The kindy children from Oak on Erin ventured out on an excursion to join the Under 5’s Teddy Bears Picnic which was hosted by the Wilsonton Early Years Network.

Roma Street Service Go Grocery Shopping

The Roma Street service went on a community outing to Woolies where they bought groceries and hand-delivered flowers to some very happy neighbourhood friends.

Children at Warrnambool Childcare enjoying group time

Indigenous Australian language taught at Warrnambool Childcare Service

Koala Early Learning and Childcare Centre at Warrnambool receives visits from their local Koori Pre School Field Officer. Having access to programs such as this helps us to embed indigenous culture into our day to day program, not just during Reconciliation week and NAIDOC week and other special dates during the year.

Childcare Service Manager Noble Park

Noble Park Welcomes New Service Manager

Thalia Buccella comes to Story House Noble Park with over 16 years’ experience working in childcare progressing in roles from an Assistant to Service Manager with a variety of other providers. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services and is an Advisory Board Member with Kidnest – an online app which helps families find safe childminding with other families in their area.

developing fine motor skills in childcare

Exploring is Learning at Putney

Sensory activities incorporate smells, sounds and different textures to provide the children with sensory experiences, while also improving their fine motor skills and encouraging social engagement.

Child playing doctor in an ambulance

First Aid Training at Story House Early Learning Lara

Last week at Story House Early Learning Lara, some of the children were lucky enough to have an ambulance visit where they were able to jump into the ambulance and explore the different machines inside used to help in an emergency.

Worm tea in a bottle

Free Worm Tea at The Cottage at Coomera

The children from Owls and all the senior playground at The Cottage at Coomera have been learning all about worm tea and working with the worm farm to produce lots of the nutrient dense liquid for families to take and put in their gardens at home.

Staring the experiment - Science for Kids - Oak on Jellicoe Toowoomba

Getting Our Kindy Kids Engaged In Science

There is a growing interest to bring STEM into the curriculum in early childhood education, but exactly how this can be achieved, is always a challenge. Here’s what we did.

2IC Kids House Cheltenham

Promotion to 2IC for Julianna at Cheltenham

We would like to congratulate Julianna on her recent promotion to 2IC at our Kids House Cheltenham service. Julianna has been a dedicated employee, always willing to put her hand up and offering help where needed. Julianna is passionate about the early childhood industry and the quality of services provided for each of our children and families. We look forward to seeing where Julianna’s new chapter with Story House will take her.

Bec Handasyde is now at Oak on Erin

Simply known as ‘Bec’…Bec joins our service as the new Kindy Teacher and Educational Leader with an extraordinary reputation amongst local families and within the early childhood teaching community

Oak on South Glenvale Child Care Centre New Educational Resources

Upgrades and improvements to our learning spaces

Oak on South recently had a major upgrade to the furnishing and educational materials. To ensure we maximise the benefit of these new resources, the educators took time out to rethink and purposefully redesign our learning spaces.

Story House Doreen is Officially Open!

Story House understands that family life is busy which is why we provide an all-inclusive service where fresh and nutritious meals are prepared by our in-house cook and we supply all linens, nappies, wipes and sunscreen. You’ll be joining our community of care with confidence knowing everything has been taken care of.

Jane Lindsay Oakvale South Service Manager

New Service Manager Joins Oak on South

Jane is thrilled to be returning to her Toowoomba roots and is eager to dive in to her new role and lead the amazing team of Educators at OAK on South. Jane knows that at the heart of every early learning setting is the family and she acknowledges that a child’s family relationships and culture should always be respected and valued particularly in a community where families come from both rural and urban settings which often have their own unique needs.

Service Manager Forest Hill Childcare

Meet our new service manager at Forest Hill.

Yvette displays the Story House values every day and has done a fantastic job of increasing occupancy, gaining respect from the staff and continuing to improve on the daily practices, all of this even during COVID. There is no better person that deserves this promotion. Well done Yvette.

Kew Kids Early Learning A New Chapter for Margaret Milligan

A New Chapter for Margaret Milligan at Kew Early Learning

We would like to congratulate Margaret Milligan in her recent promotion to Service Manager at Kew Kids. Margaret has been a loyal and dedicated employee of Story House Early Learning. Starting with Kids House Clyde North in 2019, where she was a pivotal team member, running engaging programs for the children and always ensuring the health and safety of the children were put first.