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NAIDOC Week at Story House Alexandria

Every room at Story House Alexandria engaged in activities and discussions throughout NAIDOC Week – a celebration of our country’s rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture, art, and history.

Childcare children watering newly planted plants

Mascot Children Discover Trees And Plants

The children in the Dolphin room have been learning all about trees and plants. This stems from an interest in exploring nature, bottle brushes and other native plants.

Fluffy Bunnies | New Additions to Story House Miranda

Children at Miranda have been assisting with the general care and maintenance of their new rabbits as they help to clean their hutch daily, feed them and learn to interact with them using gentle care and respect.

Meet Jessica! New Service Manager at Kids House Lynbrook

New Service Manager, Jessica Morley is thrilled to have made the move to Story House. She has a great deal of insight into different ways of managing and operating a service and she is looking forward to implementing some of her fresh ideas.

Teddy Bears Picnic in Toowoomba

The kindy children from Oak on Erin ventured out on an excursion to join the Under 5’s Teddy Bears Picnic which was hosted by the Wilsonton Early Years Network.

Roma Street Service Go Grocery Shopping

The Roma Street service went on a community outing to Woolies where they bought groceries and hand-delivered flowers to some very happy neighbourhood friends.

Children at Warrnambool Childcare enjoying group time

Indigenous Australian language taught at Warrnambool Childcare Service

Koala Early Learning and Childcare Centre at Warrnambool receives visits from their local Koori Pre School Field Officer. Having access to programs such as this helps us to embed indigenous culture into our day to day program, not just during Reconciliation week and NAIDOC week and other special dates during the year.

Childcare Service Manager Noble Park

Noble Park Welcomes New Service Manager

Thalia Buccella comes to Story House Noble Park with over 16 years’ experience working in childcare progressing in roles from an Assistant to Service Manager with a variety of other providers. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services and is an Advisory Board Member with Kidnest – an online app which helps families find safe childminding with other families in their area.

developing fine motor skills in childcare

Exploring is Learning at Putney

Sensory activities incorporate smells, sounds and different textures to provide the children with sensory experiences, while also improving their fine motor skills and encouraging social engagement.

Child playing doctor in an ambulance

First Aid Training at Story House Early Learning Lara

Last week at Story House Early Learning Lara, some of the children were lucky enough to have an ambulance visit where they were able to jump into the ambulance and explore the different machines inside used to help in an emergency.

Worm tea in a bottle

Free Worm Tea at The Cottage at Coomera

The children from Owls and all the senior playground at The Cottage at Coomera have been learning all about worm tea and working with the worm farm to produce lots of the nutrient dense liquid for families to take and put in their gardens at home.

Staring the experiment - Science for Kids - Oak on Jellicoe Toowoomba

Getting Our Kindy Kids Engaged In Science

There is a growing interest to bring STEM into the curriculum in early childhood education, but exactly how this can be achieved, is always a challenge. Here’s what we did.

2IC Kids House Cheltenham

Promotion to 2IC for Julianna at Cheltenham

We would like to congratulate Julianna on her recent promotion to 2IC at our Kids House Cheltenham service. Julianna has been a dedicated employee, always willing to put her hand up and offering help where needed. Julianna is passionate about the early childhood industry and the quality of services provided for each of our children and families. We look forward to seeing where Julianna’s new chapter with Story House will take her.

Bec Handasyde is now at Oak on Erin

Simply known as ‘Bec’…Bec joins our service as the new Kindy Teacher and Educational Leader with an extraordinary reputation amongst local families and within the early childhood teaching community

Oak on South Glenvale Child Care Centre New Educational Resources

Upgrades and improvements to our learning spaces

Oak on South recently had a major upgrade to the furnishing and educational materials. To ensure we maximise the benefit of these new resources, the educators took time out to rethink and purposefully redesign our learning spaces.

Story House Doreen is Officially Open!

Story House understands that family life is busy which is why we provide an all-inclusive service where fresh and nutritious meals are prepared by our in-house cook and we supply all linens, nappies, wipes and sunscreen. You’ll be joining our community of care with confidence knowing everything has been taken care of.

Jane Lindsay Oakvale South Service Manager

New Service Manager Joins Oak on South

Jane is thrilled to be returning to her Toowoomba roots and is eager to dive in to her new role and lead the amazing team of Educators at OAK on South. Jane knows that at the heart of every early learning setting is the family and she acknowledges that a child’s family relationships and culture should always be respected and valued particularly in a community where families come from both rural and urban settings which often have their own unique needs.

Service Manager Forest Hill Childcare

Meet our new service manager at Forest Hill.

Yvette displays the Story House values every day and has done a fantastic job of increasing occupancy, gaining respect from the staff and continuing to improve on the daily practices, all of this even during COVID. There is no better person that deserves this promotion. Well done Yvette.

Kew Kids Early Learning A New Chapter for Margaret Milligan

A New Chapter for Margaret Milligan at Kew Early Learning

We would like to congratulate Margaret Milligan in her recent promotion to Service Manager at Kew Kids. Margaret has been a loyal and dedicated employee of Story House Early Learning. Starting with Kids House Clyde North in 2019, where she was a pivotal team member, running engaging programs for the children and always ensuring the health and safety of the children were put first.

Girl with Christmas tree

Summer Holiday Programme at Miranda

The incorporation of celebrations like Easter, into children’s programs, can be an enriching experience for children, educators and families.

Story House Doreen is Set to Open its Doors in January!

Story House Doreen is undergoing final preparations to open its doors in January 2021, and we just couldn’t wait to show you how amazing the service looks now. Places are going quickly with many local families having already secured their enrolment and are eagerly waiting to start attending the brand-new service loaded with features to delight both children and families

New Service Manager Joins Story house Early Learning Springvale South

With over 25 years’ experience working in early learning settings for both large and small providers, Michelle has a solid understanding of how services operate. She is an experienced team builder and is masterful at establishing successful relationships with families and the wider community.

Coomera child care Service Manager Trish

Experienced Manager Joins The Cottage at Coomera

This week, The Cottage at Coomera Early Learning Centre is excited to welcome Tricia Low as the new Service Manager with over 29 years’ experience as a teacher and manager across a number of early learning services.

Roma Street Celebrates World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on the 13th November to simply make the world a better place. Story House Roma Street took World Kindness Day and combined it with one of our important values of ‘Connectedness’ and decided to spread a little kindness around to lots of hard-working people in the local Brisbane City community.

Getting Messy at Story House Lara

Messy play is an important part of a child’s development and learning, this gives children the opportunity to explore the world around them, it also inspires their curiosity and creativity.

Oak on Jellicoe Toowoomba City Logo

Oak on Jellicoe Welcomes New Service Manager

Oak on Jellicoe recently welcomed Megan Davis as the new Service Manager. Megan joins the Oak team having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood in the United Kingdom.

Playground Upgrade & Fort Play at Mernda Early Learning Centre

Building cubby houses and forts typically starts in preschool-age children where they can be observed making pillow fortresses or constructing hidey-places using building blocks. Developmentally, lots of things are happening during this type of play.

Award Winning Service Manager Moves to Oak on Erin

Story House Early Learning is delighted to announce that its brand-new Toowoomba service, Oak on Erin, has a new Service Manager to take the helm as it prepares to open its freshly painted doors in early 2021.

Toowoomba Child Care Centre Dress Ups Days for Charity

Fun dress ups, with a meaningful message

At Oak on Jellicoe childcare we dressed up for two good causes recently. A fun way to connect our children to community, and raising awareness of important issues.

Welcome to Story House our new Payroll Manager!

This week, we are thrilled to welcome Fay Martin as our new Payroll Manager for Story House Early Learning.
Fay will be located at our Stones Corner support office in Brisbane and joins the Finance team with years of experience across multiple sectors including construction, manufacturing, mining and retail.

Welcome to Story House Doreen’s New Service Manager!

As we gear up towards the November opening of our brand-new Story House Early Learning service in Doreen, Victoria, we have started to bring together an amazing team of professionals who are looking forward to providing a first-rate early learning service to young children and their families – and no one is more excited than our new Service Manager, Samantha Marriner.

Construction under way on Erin Street Toowoomba

OAK on Erin – Construction Update

Erin Street, Wilsinton is being swiftly transformed into a warm and welcoming early learning setting which is set to provide approximately 100 places to families who live and work in the suburbs of Wilsonton, Wilsonton Heights, Rockville and Newtown.

Careers-Roma-Street Childcare bot playing with sharks

Roma Street Welcomes a New Service Manager

This week, we are delighted to welcome Thalia Brown-Scott who joins Story House as the new Service Manager for our Roma Street service. Originally from a very small country town in NSW, Thalia moved to Brisbane a few years ago to further pursue a career in Early Childhood Education and now she’s excited to finally be located in the big city!

Chicken Run!

Three chickens, two services and one determined Business Operations Manager – a learning experience that bought so much joy to children, staff and families.


This is a Playground You Won’t Want to Leave!

Incorporating sensory and musical play were both important elements to the Doreen design and we know that children will be able to use all of their senses to explore and make sense of this enriching play space by walking the sensory path..touching, smelling, seeing, moving and hearing.


Triangles, Circles and Squares…Oh My!

Learning shapes not only helps children identify and organize visual information, they are the building blocks for skill development in numeracy, literacy and science. Learning shapes also helps children understand other signs and symbols.

Coomera childcare

What’s in a name? The Cottage at Coomera

When you step into the Cottage at Coomera, not only will you be swept up in the charm of the old Queenslander style setting, you’ll also notice that the service is divided into three cottages with quite unusual names: Fia Fia, Aroha and Amaroo.

Mt-Waverley-boy-writing-letter to elderly

Koala Childcare Connects Childcare with Aged Care

With social distancing at the forefront of how we live, work and engage in the community right now, Koala Childcare are doing their best to connect children with the residents from their local nursing and aged care facility….at a distance.

Putney-D-is-for-Dinosaur childcare interests

Putney – ‘D’ is for Dinosaur

In the Preschool room we are focusing on the letter D and the children are encouraged to bring in an item or picture relating to the letter of the week. Leila’s dinosaur news sparked much discussion amongst the children during group time.

Educator and children planting lettuce

Little Green Thumbs

Gardening is the perfect activity to encourage children to get outside and play in nature while learning about the world and there are so many reasons to introduce gardening to children from a very young age.

Cheltenham-Happy-4th-Birthday watermelon cake

Cheltenham – Celebrating Birthdays with a Twist

At Story House Cheltenham, birthdays are celebrated with the healthy twist of a watermelon cake. The very talented cook, Sarah makes the cake in consultation with the child who is celebrating their birthday.

Sorry-Day-Aboriginal-art-work-by children

Story House Early Learning – Embraces National Sorry Day

Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week (May 27 – June 3) provides an opportunity for everyone to celebrate Australia’s indigenous people, families, and communities and reflect on what we can do to help the ongoing process of reconciliation.

Doreen-Childcare-Construction-front-entrance of childcare service

Here We Grow Again!

Currently under construction on the corner of Painted Hills Road and Bridge Inn Road (just west of Yan Yean Road), the purpose-built, five-room service will offer an organic, natural environment with soft tones throughout and lots of natural light.

Coomera-playing-with-boxes in childcare

Our Kids Like to Hide in Boxes

When our consumable items are delivered weekly to the centre, the kids aren’t excited about what’s being delivered, it’s that they can’t wait to get their little hands on the boxes. We can’t unpack the boxes fast enough!

Bundoora Childcare sing a long time

Creating Community at Story House Bundoora

Our library available at any time to sit and read, or for parents to enjoy a cuppa. The room is also used for community events and programs. The Bundoora service likes to trial new programs in the library because it’s a way to connect people with similar interests and values.

Aberglasslyn Childcare-recyclables-set-up-outdoors

Everything Old is New Again at Aberglasslyn

Through loose parts play we provide these wonderful hands on opportunities for the children to enjoy the benefits of reusing recyclable items including pallets, boxes and pvc pipes to help them achieve this and bring their imagination to life, while also doing our part environmentally to help promote a sustainable future.

Exploring the Human Body at Mascot

As a group, the Minke Whales worked together to create a 2D human body by tracing around their own bodies and using recyclable materials including yarn, straws, corks, bottle caps, plastic bag, balloon, cardboard rolls, rubber bands and black plastic strips to replicate the internal body parts.


We’ve Got Mail at Lynbrook

Educators at Kids House Lynbrook decided to reach out to other Story House services to see if there would be any interest in starting a Pen Pal program.


Supporting World’s Greatest Shave

Jo from Cheltenham Kids House has been growing her hair for the last 12 months in preparation for it to be shaved and a wig made for someone in need.


Rainbows of Unity

The children at Story House Putney have joined the Rainbow Trail as a way for kids to be creative during these times of self-isolation.

We are open and here for you

PM Scott Morrison released a new relief package to support the ongoing viability of early childhood services yesterday.
We’d like to continue to remind you that our service is open and we are here for you.

Early Learning Activities for Babies Floating Catch

Catch it! Gentle games of catch give babies a thrill — and help develop their hand/eye coordination. As you sit on the floor together, throw a scarf into the air and catch it in your arms as it floats back down.

Early Learning Activities with String Along Toys

You can turn just about any toy into a pull-along toy. Simply attach a piece of string or a shoelace to your baby’s toy truck or the arm of their stuffed animal, and encourage your little one to give it a tug.

Doreen Childcare Centre Under Construction Mar 2020 - Facade

Doreen child care centre construction update

We are looking forward with anticipation to the opening of our brand new child care centre in Doreen, Victoria. Our staff went on-site recently to take a look around and get a first hand glimpse of the construction project.