Maintaining an Exceeding Service: the importance of our people

Being a Service Manager of an Exceeding Service doesn’t come without hard work and perseverance …..I would describe it as constantly juggling balls.
Every day when a decision is to be made, I continue to ask myself….will this keep us where we need to be? Does this decision I am making support our philosophy? Does this decision support our pedagogy? And, does this keep us on our path to excellence?

One of the key areas in maintaining that Exceeding rating is finding a team of like-minded, passionate and exceeding Educators.  I’m always searching for that someone whose philosophy aligns with mine, my team, and Story House.  When hiring staff to continue building my “dream team”,  it’s never about just filling a gap…I am constantly thinking about what Educator I am looking for to continue on our Exceeding journey.  What are their qualifications, their level of experience, their skillsets, their preference of rooms, who would they work well with, what do their interactions look like with children. All of this is to ensure that every child in our service has access to the best of the best!!!

So, when you see a new Educator, don’t just think they were hired to fill a gap.  The individual was hired because they are the right fit for this team, for our service, and most importantly for your child.  Finding the right person is the key to maintaining Quality and they will become an integral part of our journey, and your child’s journey, whilst maintaining an Exceeding service – but also striving for Excellence. 

Katrina Nicholls is the Service Manager for both Story House Early Learning Windsor and Story House Early Learning Roma Street.  You can check out our boutique Roma Street service here.


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