Kool Kids Yacht Street is now Kids House Southport

Kool Kids Yacht Street has changed ownership and will be renamed to Kids House Southport with immediate effect.

A new name does not mean a change to the service. We understand that Kool Kids Yacht Street has been running a fantastic service for our community over the years, and we aim to maintain the same level of passion and dedication you’ve come to expect from our educators.

Kids House Early Learning Southport will continue to operate with the same staff, curriculum and facilities.  But the centre will also receive some additional investments to assist with upgrade to equipment and resources, and renovation of the centre including a new paint job.  Watch out for these!

For those parents not yet familiar with our service, here are some of unique highlights of Kids House Southport (formerly known as Kool Kids Yacht Street);

  • Queensland Government Accredited Kindergarten program
  • Included extra-curricular programs including Japanese, art, cooking and music
  • Sustainability program including our hen house, vegetable and herb gardens
  • Extended opening hours from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Five meals a day with a four week rotating seasonal menu
  • Daily parent updates of your child’s activities

Let their learning story start with us.