A New Chapter for Antonella Saliba at Keilor Downs

Keilor Downs Early Learning Service Manager

We would like to congratulate Antonella Saliba on her recent promotion to Service Manager at Story House Early Learning Keilor Downs. Antonella has worked exceptionally hard this past year. Joining us in 2017, Antonella started in the role as a casual educator and quickly became a Lead Educator. It was then only a few months later that Antonella moved in to the 2IC at the service. In early 2019 our Service Manager at the time moved on to another opportunity leaving us with a vacancy. As 2IC, Antonella stepped up to Acting Service Manager whilst we recruited. Unfortunately unknown to us, COVID was around the corner and put a hold on our recruitment efforts. However this did not discourage Antonella and she never stopped providing us with her loyalty and commitment. As the year drew on, as many of us did, Antonella had to learn a new way of working and continued to dedicate the time ensuring our service was developing the future of children. Antonella really held the service together and it is down to her professional manner and enthusiasm that there would be no better person to continue leading the service.

Tell us about your career at story house?

In 2017 when story house Keilor downs opened, I came on board as a casual. I was placed in the baby rooms helping as an assistant. After two months of being an assistant I was then granted the position of the room leader in the baby room. I was the room leader for 5 months before I then became the 2IC of the centre in 2018. In 2019 I stepped up as acting service manager until a manager came into the role a few months later. Again in 2020 I stepped up as acting service manager helping the centre until someone was pointed the role of centre manager for 2020. At the end of the year, I decided to go for the position of service manager and was granted the position of service manager in December 2020. In 2021 I am now currently holding the position of the service manager.

What led you to a career in the childcare industry?

I decided to start a career in childcare when I first came to Australia because I have always loved being around children and thought I could make a different to children’s lives and there learning experiences. I have always had little children around me growing up and have always love caring and supporting them. I realised that a career in childcare would be best for me as it would not feel like a job as such because it would be something that I love doing.

What do you love about the service you work in?

What I love about my service is the families and children who attend here. I have made a lot of close relationships with our families and the children, which makes coming to work enjoyable. I love having the opportunity to work with the fantastic educators that work here at story house Keilor downs. Together they all work hard to make our centre amazing and I love seeing how dedicate they are towards the children and the program.

Who inspires you and why?

The person who inspired me the most was my old centre manager at my first job in childcare. I feel as though she really taught me how to become a great educator. She was able to teach me everything I know today and supported me during my studies. She is a really dedicated person who was passionate about the early childhood industry. Coming from an exceeding centre, she showed me what and high equality centre looks like and how it can be run. She inspired me to be the best that I can in this industry.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my job here at story house Keilor downs. My passion is to make the centre a high-quality exceeding centre for the children and families. I am passionate about children that are treated equally, all their physical, social, emotional, and mental needs are met and ensuring educators are delivering a great learning program that can contribute to there development and learning. I really love managing the team and helping all the educators to achieve their goals within their own professional learning and their careers. 

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