New 2IC at The Cottage at Coomera

Story House Early Learning, is delighted to announce Kathryn Waite's promotion to 2IC at The Cottage at Coomera.

Tell us about your career at Story House?

I’ve been with the cottage for 4 years now I was so fortunate to be given a float position which allowed me to learn from so many different educators. I was fortunate enough to quickly work my way up to being lead educator all in thanks to the amazing co-workers who supported me. Working with Story House has given me wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as an educator and a wide range of support within the company. I’m so excited for this next chapter

What led you to a career in the childcare industry?

Well it all started as a young girl pretending to be a school teacher In my bedroom. Life led me in another direction and after 15 wonderful years in hospitality management which also led me to travel and live in Canada my heart led me to childcare. Everyday is different and it’s so amazing watching the children grow as the years pass. It’s always sad to say good bye to the big kids as they set off to big school.

What do you love about the service you work in?

The staff and families. There is so much love and support in our community that’s what makes it so wonderful to come into work. My baby girl Violet isn’t even enrolled into kindy yet and she is already loved by the girls. It’s so beautiful.

Who Inspires you and why?

It’s always been my parents and my 2 older sisters. We are a family of hard workers and growing up my parents have always set such an example when it comes to work ethic. I was working with them as a teenager washing cars at my dads car yard. Then when we moved to QLD they had me up at 2am getting ready for a hard day at the farmers markets. Even as they have gotten older it’s hasn’t slowed them down. They have been an amazing example.

What are you passionate about?

Creating a beautiful home away from home environment and feeling while at work. And knowing the parents feel happy and content leaving their children. I also love to make people around me smile and feel loved.