Early Learning Activities for Babies Tummy Time


Looking for ideas and activities to play with your baby while at home? 

Much of your baby’s learning in their first year will happen naturally as you talk, read, make faces, and interact with them.

These fun and easy activities help stimulate your infant’s development — and bring on some adorable smiles and giggles.


Tummy time is one of the earliest ways your baby will learn to play.

Tummy time helps develop your baby’s neck and upper-body muscles for better head control and also helps prevent the back of their head from becoming flat. 

Lay your baby on their tummy and get down on that level, making faces and noises to encourage raising their head, which strengthens the neck and upper body muscles.

Extension Activities

  • Lay out some brightly coloured toys so your baby can see them from this position.
  • Get your baby’s attention with any object and move it back and forth slowly so it is tracked with the eyes.
  • Roll your baby to their side and then gently back to the tummy.
  • Stand directly over your baby at your full height, and then move slowly down to a squatting position so you are very close.

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