The Story House Solution to Sector Staff Shortage

It’s no secret that there is a sector-wide shortage of qualified and capable educators who are available to fill vacancies when we need them.   Story House Early Learning has discovered that the solution to filling vacancies, building capabilities, and retaining quality people is all about looking within.

Through our value of Growth & Innovation, Story House Early Learning has promoted six of our 2ICs across multiple services since March and continues to look for opportunities to promote from within our 35 services.

Recruitment Manager, Kelly Murphy said, “We have educators already employed with us who are passionate about positive outcomes for children and live our Story House values every day.  We help our team increase their skills and qualifications by offering professional development opportunities and mentoring from senior educators.”  Kelly added, “When it comes time to fill vacancies, we know we’re getting quality staff who are ready to move up and take on a new challenge – it’s very reassuring.” 

Kelly added that 20% of their Service Managers at Story House have come from 2IC roles.  She said the benefits are that our new managers already know the children and their families, and they have built strong relationships with their team. We always find that their peers are enthusiastic and supportive of their new role and the responsibilities that come along with that.  Kelly said, “We know they’ve inspired others to work towards achieving similar goals.”

And don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s the new graduates or twenty-somethings that are taking the lions share of opportunities. Kelly said Story House has educators working in their services who are at all ages and stages of life.  One example is Carol Hansford, an Educator from Koala Childcare and Early Learning in Warrnambool who joined the service at 51 years of age and is studying a qualification in ECEC. She’s excited about her new career path and continuing a lifetime legacy of caring for others. 

Kelly said Story House encourages all employees to think big regardless of their role or how long they have been at the service.  “We inspire our children to think big, so we ask and support our staff to think big too!”

About Story House Careers

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