Story House Celebrates Beloved Educator, Aunty Gaile


Aunty Gaile, an Educator at our Story House Windsor service celebrated her 70th birthday recently and CEO, Paul Cochrane was on hand to deliver some birthday goodies.

Gaile has had a longstanding career in the early childhood sector and our QLD Business Operations Manager, Amanda Fraser shares her personal story about meeting and bringing Aunty Gaile into the Story House family…

“My husband (Tim) and I were searching for care for our first daughter Libby, and we came across Gaile as the Lead Educator in the Nursery. When Tim and I walked away we both looked at each other and said we want that lady to care for our precious firstborn – that was over ten years ago. My second child Patterson also had the same privilege. Anyone who knows Gaile, knows it’s her soft, gentle, and nurturing ways that make her a beautiful educator.”

Amanda further reflected on her early experience with Aunty Gaile saying, ” Her name preceded her….you just had to mention her name and anyone who had worked with her had nothing but the best things to say about her.  And, her reputation was also the reason why Wilston was one of the most sort-after childcare centres in the area…she was the best in the business.  Everyone wanted Gaile to care for their child.”

Amanda said that when Story House Windsor was opening, she contacted Gaile directly to see if she would come and work at the new service – she thought every child deserved an “Aunty Gaile”.  Amanda knew that with the Service Manager, Katrina, coming on board, she would nurture Gaile, respect her knowledge and skillset, and value her as a person and an Educator…..three years on, and Story House continues to benefit from Aunty Gaile’s experience, ability and kindheartedness. 

So, from all of us at Story House, Happy Birthday Aunty Gaile!!