New Service Manager Tania Caserta is Where She Wants to Be

As Tania Caserta celebrates National Pyjama Day with the children and her team at Story House Early Learning Tarneit, she reflects on her recent promotion to Service Manager at our largest Story House service.

Tania began her journey with the Tarneit service 5 years ago when she was a student with a desire to work with young children.  Four weeks into her placement, she was approached to become a casual educator. Her approachable, friendly, and cheerful nature combined with her passion for teaching and learning was recognised very quickly.  From there, she pursued a part-time, permanent role to fit in with her own family commitments and became a Room Leader.  Tania’s place within the Tarneit team was strengthened and she continued building valuable relationships with the children and their families.

As the Tarneit service grew and, with the addition of the East Campus, Tania’s role expanded to become the East Campus Coordinator working collaboratively with the Service Manager and the 2IC to ensure great learning outcomes for children and to make sure the service was operating effectively.   It was in this role that Tania really honed her leadership and management skills working for a service that, even now, feels like a second home.  

Tania was asked to take on the role of Acting Service Manager when there was an unexpected staff change but felt incredibly supported by her team, her Operations Manager and the head office support team. When the opportunity to apply for the Service Manager position came up, Tania jumped at it.  She was a natural successor due to her confident and competent leadership skills gained through her experience, professional development, and sheer dedication to the service. 

Though there has been some challenges through Covid, Tania and her wonderful team of Educators have been delivering amazing programs to children and hosting the Festival for Families throughout this year which has been a celebration of the extraordinary Tarneit community.

Tania credits the success in her new role so far to great help, teamwork, passion for her work and a ‘keep going’ attitude.  She acknowledges that she still has a lot to learn but she’s right where she wants to be.

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