A New Chapter for Service Manager, Katrina Nicholls


Katrina Nicholls has been the Service Manager for our Windsor service for the past three years, leading a passionate team of Educators who continue to deliver an Exceeding rated service to children and families living in the greater Brisbane area. 

Katrina has recently expanded her role to take on a new challenge of managing both the Windsor, and smaller, boutique Roma Street service – a new adventure for Katrina and a new concept for Story House. 

Katrina is excited about her expanded role and is relishing the opportunity to implement her creative ideas, training, and programs to both teams providing even greater education and learning outcomes for children. Katrina said, “Story House has always allowed me to be an autonomous leader, and this allows me to implement out of the box ideas to achieve Exceeding services and be a leader of change and innovation within our sector”.

Recognising that it’s a team effort though, Katrina acknowledges her very competent 2IC’s, Emily at Windsor and Brittany at Roma Street who she collaborates with daily and together form a strong leadership team across both services.  Katrina is passionate about sharing her knowledge with her team.  She says it fills her cup to know that she’s helping to shape future service managers, 2IC’s and Educational Leaders of Story House.  Her goal is to help people be successful in their role and believes strongly in succession planning which aligns to the Story House approach of nurturing the talent and skills of our people and recruiting from within.

But it’s the focus on children which drives Katrina’s passion and enthusiasm for what she does.  She’s always wanted to bring something unique to the learning and development of children.  She is an advocate of implementing high quality programs that revolve around social and emotional development which she believes are at the core of raising competent and confident young children.

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