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Latest updates and profiles of our educators at Story House Early Learning.

2IC Kids House Cheltenham
A New Chapter

Promotion to 2IC for Julianna at Cheltenham

We would like to congratulate Julianna on her recent promotion to 2IC at our Kids House Cheltenham service. Julianna has been a dedicated employee, always willing to put her hand up and offering help where needed. Julianna is passionate about the early childhood industry and the quality of services provided for each of our children and families. We look forward to seeing where Julianna’s new chapter with Story House will take her.

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Jane Lindsay Oakvale South Service Manager

New Service Manager Joins Oak on South

Jane is thrilled to be returning to her Toowoomba roots and is eager to dive in to her new role and lead the amazing team of Educators at OAK on South. Jane knows that at the heart of every early learning setting is the family and she acknowledges that a child’s family relationships and culture should always be respected and valued particularly in a community where families come from both rural and urban settings which often have their own unique needs.

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Service Manager Forest Hill Childcare
A New Chapter

Meet our new service manager at Forest Hill.

Yvette displays the Story House values every day and has done a fantastic job of increasing occupancy, gaining respect from the staff and continuing to improve on the daily practices, all of this even during COVID. There is no better person that deserves this promotion. Well done Yvette.

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Kew Kids Early Learning A New Chapter for Margaret Milligan
A New Chapter

A New Chapter for Margaret Milligan at Kew Early Learning

We would like to congratulate Margaret Milligan in her recent promotion to Service Manager at Kew Kids. Margaret has been a loyal and dedicated employee of Story House Early Learning. Starting with Kids House Clyde North in 2019, where she was a pivotal team member, running engaging programs for the children and always ensuring the health and safety of the children were put first.

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New 2IC at The Cottage at Coomera

I’ve been with the cottage for 4 years now I was so fortunate to be given a float position which allowed me to learn from so many different educators. I was fortunate enough to quickly work my way up to being lead educator all in thanks to the amazing co-workers who supported me. Working with Story House has given me wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as an educator and a wide range of support within the company.

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