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A: Suite 2.11/247 Coward Street
Mascot NSW 2020
P: 02 9693 2243
E: aero@shel.edu.au

Monday to Friday 7.00am to 6.30pm

Child Care and Preschool for families in Mascot

Quality early childhood education and child care provides the foundation for learning for life.
Let your child’s learning story begin with us

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We believe that the value of play is of utmost importance to children as it is their way of learning about their world.  While children play they are able to experiement with new ideas, test theories and their understanding of concepts, express their creative ability, release their emotions and share their feelings.  While engaging in play children are developing across all domains and creating the building blocks for their future.

Tailored Learning and Curriculum for each age group

Baby Nursery Child Care

0 to 18 months

We partner with you to provide a safe, quality, family-centred learning environment where every child is respected and nurtured. We continually develop our skills and explore new ways to enrich your child’s early learning experience.

Child Care for Toddlers

18 months to 3 years

Indoor and outdoor play based experiences are an integral part of our program. Educators plan a diverse range of experiences to create opportunities for your child in both structured and spontaneous play.

Pre Kindy and early Preschool

3 years to 4 years

Our programs are inspired by the wisdom and teachings of early childhood theorists and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and aim to develop children’s emotional, social and cognitive intelligence.


4 years to 5 years

The pre-school curriculum continues to emphasise play based learning, however offers additional intentional learning times where the focus is on literacy and numeracy, socialisation, self-regulation and independence.

Jenny Gobran Child Care Centre Manager

Meet our Service Manager

Welcome to Aero Kids, my name is Jenny Gobran. I began my journey in Early Childhood Education and Care in 2011. Early childhood is a place where educators have the ability and influence on educating young minds. I believe it is a starting point to children’s development and the importance of educating young children stems from creating an environment that links between home and family.

I always say providing a ‘home away from home’ environment is very important to young children and their families. It creates a strong foundation and allows children to feel comfortable and confident in a new setting. This allows children to express their identity, be able to become who they want to be, and allow them to feel a sense of belonging.

I am excited to be working with Aero Kids and start building strong relationships with our families and community. Aero Kids are a team of positive individuals that strive to create a warm, nurturing and educational environment for our children. We aim to create great memories for our children where they can look back and value the delicate moments of their childhood as they move onto the next chapters in their lives.

Each child comes to us with their own story, let your child’s learning story begin with us at Aero Kids.

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Meals Provided

Your child will eat the freshest, most nutritionally balanced meals as they are prepared on-site by our very own chef.

Educational Programs

Our dynamic, vibrant and inspiring programs are designed by our experienced early childhood educators.

Sunscreen Provided

As a Sunsmart Centre, Aero Kids Early Learning Centre Mascot provides SPF30+ broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen.

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A: Suite 2.11/247 Coward Street
Mascot NSW 2020
P: 02 9802 5053
E: aero@shel.edu.au

  • Customised daily routines to suit each child
  • Our Curriculum is child orientated and based on family and child input.
  • Families are encouraged to be involved with all aspects of our service including policy review, menus and resources, as well as parent helpers within the service.
  • Create a safe and friendly atmosphere where children are welcomed as individuals and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Our healthy and nutritional menu considers cultures and dietary requirements of each child.

My son was at Aerokids from 10 months to 5 yrs. It was always a pleasant experience at the centre. The carers are so warm and well experienced. The rooms were so tidy and the food served were delicious. There were plenty of programs, books and toys to engage the kids. The peace of mind I had is priceless as I knew he was at the best care. 5/5 from me – Smitha Gn