Our Care and Education Centre is built with your child’s development and well-being in mind.

Now proudly managed by
Story House Early Learning

Story House welcomes aboard Southport Kids House Early Learning childcare centre.

Services covered in our fees include:

  • Convenient opening hours from 6:45 am to 6:15 pm
  • A Government  Kindergarten program
  • All extra-curricular programs including Japanese, art, cooking and music
  • I Love Reading (ILR) program
  • Five meals a day with a four week rotating seasonal menu
  • Daily digital communication
  • Sustainability program including chickens, vegetable and herb gardens

Our Care and Education Centre is built with your child’s development and well-being in mind.

Southport Kids House Early Learning ensures each child in our care receives the best possible start to their learning and development.


We have carefully designed our rooms and selected our educators with each child’s sense of being in mind. At Kool Kids Yacht Street you will see:

  • Access to children portfolios and progress reports
  • Committed educators providing stability for your child to enhance child/educator relationships
  • An age appropriate curriculum that supports and promotes children’s interests as they arise


Our Childcare Centres have been carefully designed with a child’s sense of belonging in mind. At our centre you will see:

  • Carefully selected educators who promote a stable and caring environment and offer a high level of care and supervision
  • Natural/nature based elements incorporated within our indoor and outdoor environments
  • Extra-curricular programs based on the interests of families and children in our care
  • A strong focus on the importance of sustainability


Throughout the time in our care, children will undertake several stages of development. Our facilities and curriculum have been designed with each child’s growth and development in mind.

At Kool Kids you will see:

  • The best quality Early Education and Kindergarten programs
  • Supplies and resources to assist each child’s stage of development
  • Menus developed to ensure each child has the right fuel for their learning and development.
  • Extra-curricular programs that aid each child’s learning and development
  • Dedicated areas for technology, art, sports and language
  • Procedures and policies to promote and encourage each child’s independence